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Taraba State Governor Meets EU Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS to Foster Collaborations

In a bid to enhance development in Taraba State, Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Executive Governor, held a productive meeting with the EU Ambassador to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Ms. Samuela Isopi, at the EU Office in Abuja yesterday. The meeting aimed to explore avenues for collaboration in various sectors, including the provision of social amenities, renewable energy, and agricultural development.

Governor Kefas expressed his gratitude to Ms. Isopi for granting him the opportunity to discuss the pressing needs and potential opportunities for growth in Taraba State. He emphasized the importance of EU support in ensuring the provision of essential infrastructure and services that would greatly benefit the people of Taraba.

During the meeting, Governor Kefas specifically requested the EU to prioritize Taraba State in their interventions, ensuring that the impact is direct and visible. By prioritizing Taraba, the state would be better positioned to harness its immense potential for growth and development. The governor showcased the state’s vast resources and natural beauty, extending an invitation to the EU Mission to visit Taraba and witness firsthand the richness of the state.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable energy, Governor Kefas sought collaboration with the EU in the field of renewable energy. Taraba State boasts significant renewable energy potential, particularly in wind and solar power, which can be harnessed to provide clean and reliable electricity to the state’s residents. The governor emphasized the significance of EU expertise and investment in this area.

Additionally, agricultural development was a key area of discussion during the meeting. Taraba State is blessed with fertile land and a favorable climate, making it suitable for various agricultural activities. Governor Kefas sought the EU’s support in implementing modern agricultural practices, promoting agro-processing industries, and enhancing the productivity of farmers in the state. Such collaborations would not only boost the state’s agricultural sector but also contribute to food security and economic growth.

Following the meeting with the EU Ambassador, Governor Kefas visited the German Embassy to explore potential areas of cooperation. Germany, known for its technological advancements and expertise in various sectors, presents promising opportunities for Taraba State’s development.

Governor Kefas expressed his optimism about the outcome of the discussions and conveyed his commitment to fostering strong partnerships with international organizations and governments. He believes that through collaborative efforts, Taraba State can unlock its full potential and transform into a model of sustainable development.

The EU Ambassador, Ms. Samuela Isopi, appreciated Governor Kefas’ visit and the fruitful discussions held during their meeting. She acknowledged the immense potential of Taraba State and expressed the EU’s willingness to support its development endeavors. Ms. Isopi affirmed the EU’s commitment to working closely with Taraba State and exploring avenues for collaboration in various sectors.

As Taraba State and the EU move forward in their quest for development, it is hoped that these collaborative efforts will yield tangible results and bring about positive change for the people of Taraba. With the support of international partners like the EU and Germany, Taraba State is well-positioned to chart a path towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

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