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Taraba State Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas Meets with Traditional Chiefs in Jalingo

Taraba State Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas Meets with Traditional Chiefs in Jalingo

Jalingo, Taraba State – June 22, 2023

Taraba State Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas, held a crucial meeting with Traditional Chiefs from various communities in Jalingo, the capital city of Taraba State. The gathering took place at the Taraba State Government House on Monday, marking an important step towards fostering closer ties between the government and traditional leaders in the state.

The meeting aimed to address pertinent issues affecting the welfare and development of the people, as well as promoting cooperation between the government and traditional institutions. Dr. Agbu Kefas emphasized the significance of collaboration with traditional chiefs, acknowledging their vital role as custodians of culture, history, and community values.

During the session, the governor reiterated his administration’s commitment to providing quality governance and improving the standard of living for all Taraba State residents. He emphasized the need for a coordinated effort between the government and traditional leaders to tackle security challenges, enhance education, healthcare services, and promote economic empowerment across the state.

The Traditional Chiefs expressed their gratitude for the governor’s willingness to engage with them and listen to their concerns. They praised Dr. Agbu Kefas for his proactive approach to governance, highlighting his efforts in ensuring equitable distribution of resources and promoting inclusive development.

Discussions at the meeting covered various topics, including infrastructure development, agricultural initiatives, youth empowerment programs, and strategies to improve security within Taraba State. The Traditional Chiefs shared their insights, highlighting specific areas where government intervention and support were crucial.

Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas assured the traditional chiefs of his administration’s commitment to implementing effective solutions to address the issues raised. He emphasized the importance of sustained collaboration between the government and traditional institutions, emphasizing that their partnership was vital to achieving lasting development and progress.

The meeting concluded on a positive note, with both the governor and traditional chiefs expressing optimism about the future of Taraba State. They agreed to maintain open lines of communication and work closely to ensure the successful implementation of policies and programs that would benefit the people of the state.

Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas’ meeting with the Traditional Chiefs in Jalingo serves as a testament to his administration’s determination to prioritize the welfare and development of Taraba State. By fostering a strong partnership with traditional leaders, the government aims to create an environment conducive to growth, peace, and prosperity for all residents of the state.

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