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Taraba State Government Takes Action to Revive Zoological Garden in Bakin Dutse

A decade ago, the Danbaba Suntai administration initiated the establishment of the Zoological Garden in Bakin Dutse, Ardo-kola Local Government Area, as a testament to their commitment to preserving biodiversity and promoting tourism. However, in recent years, the project has suffered from neglect and remained incomplete. Yesterday, Governor Agbu Kefas, accompanied by the Secretary to the Government of the State, Chief Gebon Timothy Kataps, conducted an inspection of the site to assess the extent of decay and chart a course for its revival. This initiative reflects the administration’s dedication to reviving critical infrastructure projects and promoting tourism in Taraba State.

Assessment of the Project: During the inspection visit, Governor Agbu Kefas and Chief Gebon Timothy Kataps evaluated the condition of the Zoological Garden to determine the necessary steps for its revival. The abandoned and uncompleted structures were assessed, revealing the extent of decay and neglect that the project has suffered over the years. Despite the challenges, both leaders expressed their commitment to reconstructing the structures and revitalizing the garden to its former glory.

Revamping the Project: In line with the administration’s vision for progress and development, Governor Agbu Kefas announced plans to reconstruct the abandoned structures and revamp the Zoological Garden. The revival of this project holds significant potential for boosting tourism, preserving wildlife, and enhancing recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. By investing in the rehabilitation of the garden, the administration aims to create a vibrant and sustainable attraction that showcases Taraba State’s natural beauty and biodiversity.

Commitment to Progress: The decision to revitalize the Zoological Garden underscores Governor Agbu Kefas’s commitment to moving Taraba State forward. Despite the challenges posed by neglect and decay, the administration remains resolute in its determination to restore critical infrastructure projects and promote the state’s tourism potential. By prioritizing the revival of the Zoological Garden, Governor Kefas demonstrates his proactive approach to addressing the needs of communities and preserving Taraba’s natural heritage for future generations.

#MovingForward: As Taraba State embarks on the journey towards revitalizing the Zoological Garden, Governor Agbu Kefas reaffirms his commitment to progress with the hashtag #MovingForward. The administration’s proactive stance and dedication to infrastructure development signal a bright future for Taraba State, characterized by growth, prosperity, and sustainable development. Through collaborative efforts and strategic investments, the revival of the Zoological Garden represents a significant milestone in the state’s journey towards realizing its full potential.

The decision to revamp the Zoological Garden in Bakin Dutse reflects Governor Agbu Kefas’s commitment to preserving biodiversity, promoting tourism, and enhancing the quality of life for Taraba’s residents. As the administration moves forward with plans to reconstruct and revitalize the garden, Taraba State embarks on a path towards sustainable development and economic growth. With visionary leadership and proactive initiatives, Governor Kefas paves the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all Tarabans.

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