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Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr. Agbu Kefas, Declares ‘3-Day Retreat’ for Government Officials to Promote Excellence and Prosperity in Abuja

[24/7/2023], Abuja, Nigeria

In a bid to foster excellence, productivity, and a shared vision of prosperity for Taraba State, Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Executive Governor, inaugurated a 3-day retreat for newly appointed Commissioners, Special Advisers, Permanent Secretaries, State Assembly Legislators, Senior Directors, and Judicial Officers. The event took place earlier yesterday in Abuja.

Governor Kefas, in his opening address, extended warm felicitations to all attendees and emphasized his unwavering commitment to nothing short of excellence and progress for the state. The retreat, curated meticulously, aims to equip these high-ranking officials with the necessary knowledge and tools required to drive Taraba towards a brighter future.

During the retreat, discussions and workshops centered on strategic planning, effective governance, and policies that will advance the state’s socio-economic development were held. The Governor highlighted that the welfare of the people must always remain at the core of every decision made by the government.

Governor Kefas stated, “Our shared vision of a prosperous Taraba can only be achieved through concerted efforts and unwavering dedication. This retreat serves as an avenue to align our goals and foster a collaborative approach towards achieving tangible results for the betterment of our beloved state.”

The Governor further stressed the importance of teamwork, transparency, and accountability, urging all officials to work harmoniously for the collective progress of Taraba. The event also provided a platform for interactive sessions, enabling participants to exchange ideas and perspectives on matters critical to the state’s growth.

As the retreat progresses, there is a growing sense of optimism and enthusiasm among the attendees. The commitment displayed by Governor Kefas and his team to put #TarabaFirst and focus on #MovingForward has left a positive impression on the participants, setting the stage for a more effective and people-centric government.

The 3-day retreat symbolizes the government’s proactive approach in empowering its officials and aligning their efforts to achieve common goals. With this renewed vigor and shared commitment to excellence, the people of Taraba can look forward to a future marked by progress, development, and prosperity.

As the event continues, the public eagerly awaits the outcomes and initiatives that will emerge from this gathering, eagerly anticipating the positive impact it will have on the state’s growth trajectory.

**#TarabaFirst #MovingForward**

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