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Executive Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas Begins Tenure, Pledges Swift Action and Accountability

Headline: Executive Governor Dr. Agbu Kefas Begins Tenure, Pledges Swift Action and Accountability

Date: May 30, 2023

Jalingo Taraba State, Nigeria –

Lt. Col. Dr. Agbu Kefas (rtd)

The Executive Governor, His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas, officially assumed office today, vowing to propel Taraba State forward under the slogan “Moving Forward.” Dr. Kefas wasted no time in addressing critical issues, convening a meeting with service chiefs to tackle the state’s security challenges and prioritize the well-being of Tarabans.

During the briefing, the service chiefs presented an overview of the prevailing security concerns affecting the state. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, His Excellency Dr. Kefas assured the service chiefs of his commitment to finding sustainable solutions to these challenges. The Governor emphasized that safeguarding the lives and properties of Taraba residents would remain a top priority of his administration.

In another development, His Excellency summoned the Head of Service, the Accountant General, and representatives from various banks to address the issue of delayed salary payments. Acknowledging the hardship faced by public servants due to the non-payment of salaries, Dr. Kefas expressed his concern and directed that the May salaries be promptly disbursed to alleviate the financial strain on workers. He insisted that all outstanding payments should be settled by or before June 5, 2023, to ensure that civil servants can meet their obligations and have peace of mind.

The Governor emphasized that transparency and accountability would be the hallmark of his administration. He urged all government officials and stakeholders to work together diligently to deliver quality results and bring progress to Taraba State. Dr. Agbu Kefas assured the people that his tenure would be characterized by effective governance, prudent resource management, and the implementation of policies aimed at improving the lives of every Taraban.

As Dr. Agbu Kefas takes the helm as the Executive Governor of Taraba State, the people of Taraba eagerly anticipate positive changes and look forward to a future that truly embodies the spirit of progress and development.

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